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About coxco Lab

Coxco supports the fashion technology training school "coxco Lab" operated by the affiliated NPO DEAR ME in Manila, Philippines, through a portion of its sales. This training school provides sewing and design skills free of charge to young people and mothers living in poor areas of Manila.

Together from coxco.

Currently, there are eight young people over the age of 16 and mothers enrolled, and from this year, we plan to welcome about 30 new students. Currently, coxco Lab is not only an educational institution but also a small factory, with the graduates of the first class working as employees. Some of coxco's products and novelties are produced at coxco Lab.

Technical instruction is provided by a Filipino teacher who has experience working in a sewing factory in Japan, and the students are learning about design and sewing.

Education and employment.

When coxco Lab students and employees create products, they are paid in accordance with the Philippines Labor Standards Act. coxco Lab not only functions as an educational institution, but also creates an environment where they can work healthily and become economically independent.

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10% of sales will be returned to coxco Lab activity expenses.


Read the coxco Lab activity report


coxco Lab activity report


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