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Pearl ear cuff


About the product

Akoya necklace with elegance. "We use Akoya pearls that are slightly deformed instead of perfectly round. The length can be adjusted with a silicone ball, so you can enjoy a long and elegant chain, or a playful style like a choker.

price: 14,340 yen (including tax) * Shipping fee is 600 yen nationwide.
Gray Double Pearl: Silver (silver925)

Country of origin/production background
Made in Japan. (Yamanashi Prefecture)

*Please note that all pearls have different shapes and it is not possible to choose the shape.

A slightly deformed twin Akoya pearl is used instead of a perfect circle. The production of Akoya pearls, which Japan is proud of, has decreased to about one-sixth of what it was around 1967, and it is said that the cause is marine pollution or an unknown shellfish infection.
Due to factors such as environmental pollution, Akoya pearls are becoming rarer year by year. Until now, "true round" pearls have been considered valuable. We make effective use of things that exist, and regard things that are "transformed" as beauty, and hope that they will become "talisman pearls" that you can wear in your daily life.

We will ship within 3 business days after payment is completed.

The shipping fee will be 600 yen nationwide.

If the size of the ordered product does not fit, we accept size exchange.

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