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4/29 (Sat.) ~ 5/7 (Sun.) GW only Domestic free shipping

"Start together from,coxco."

Thank you for coming to our store today. You can pre-order the new product [Start tohether from coxco] from this page. If you would like custom embroidery, please ask a nearby staff member.

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T-shirts・Pull over:6月16日予定
Short Pants:6月19日予定

Who drew it?

連携NPO法人DEAR MEが主催ずるフィリピンでのファッションショーに出演経験のあるJessamayによって描かれました。


Unisex 3サイズ展開(S・M・L)

Pull over

Unisex 2サイズ展開(S-M・M-L)


Short pants

Unisex 2サイズ展開(S-M・M-L)

Together with coxco.

Various problems are rolling in the world. As we grow up, we meet a self who can only stare at the problems that are rolling and swelling.

coxco Lab is a community that makes small actions for a better society. Alone, just staring at the problem may be able to be solved with someone else. You may discover new possibilities. What kind of scenery awaits you along the way?

Let's go together. Let's flutter in the future.



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