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Meguru One piece

inside story of "Start together from coxco"

"Meguru" black dress

"Meguru" black dress made from 100% recycled PET bottles. One piece was born from the circulation of plastic bottles that should have been thrown away. This time, I would like to introduce "Meguru" black dress .

Made from 100% recycled PET bottles

I made a "Meguru" black dress with a fabric that uses 100% thread made from used PET bottles. The PET bottles used as raw materials are collected by local governments and stores in Japan. Sorting and pulverizing by color, advanced cleaning with alkaline solution, and reborn as polyester fiber by fiber manufacturing technology PET bottles became fabric. The fabric is glossy and has a smooth touch.

Why we produce domestically

Currently, coxco manufactures all of its products domestically because the domestic production rate of clothing is extremely low at about 2%.

In 2022, only 1.5% of the clothing supplied in Japan will be made in Japan (*1). The background to this is the increased need for low-priced clothing, which has led to the mainstream production in developing countries where it can be produced at low prices, and the closure of domestic factories due to successor problems. By sticking to domestic production, we aim to ensure the continuation of Japan's manufacturing industry, implement production at reasonable wages, and make "manufacturing with an understanding of the background" the standard.
*1: Japan Textile Importers Association “Japanese Apparel Market and Imported Goods Overview 2023”

"Meguru" clothes with you

Clothing born from a combination of things with various backgrounds. It can be worn in 5 ways. What kind of dress do you prefer?
I would be happy if I could make clothes that make you want to wear them again next year, even if the seasons change.

①163cm off the shoulder

②Reverse front and back, loose waist 159cm

③ 160cm with the waist tied

④ Cross the ribbon in front 148cm (wearing heels)

⑤ Choker style 165cm

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