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coxco's "Upcycled Art" won two awards at the 102nd New York ADC Awards.

Fashion brand "coxco" aiming to solve social issues wins gold and merit at the 102nd New York ADC Annual Awards, the world's oldest international advertising award. was awarded.

Based on the concept of "media in the form of clothes", coxco has been developing clothes and jewelry using recycled materials and leftover fabrics under the theme of social issues such as "waste clothes" and "marine pollution". Ta. In February of this year, we opened a fashion school “coxco Lab” in Manila, the Philippines, together with the affiliated NPO “DEAR ME”, and designed and sewed for people living in poor areas of Manila free of charge. offers educational opportunities. In the future, the brand “coxco” aims to solve various social issues such as poverty by hiring graduates of the fashion school “coxco Lab”.

Art director Haruka Hashimoto and Hiromi Tamakatsu & Daisuke Takanashi, who sympathize with our company's efforts, have planned "upcycle art" together with the unit Vitamin , which will win the 2023 New York ADC Awards (The ADC Annual Awards). Awarded Gold in the Brand Design category and Merit in the Fashion Design category.

[About upcycle art]
Since 2015, the affiliated NPO "DEAR ME" has held a total of 9 fashion shows in the Philippines under the theme of "dream your dreams". Many of the students who attend the current school "coxco Lab" have performed in previous shows. This "upcycle art" is a project in which Filipino children who participated in a fashion show draw art on the theme of "dream" and embroider it into coxco products to upcycle their clothes. A total of 6 types of art are developed, and for each embroidery, a drawing set is delivered to one student of the school "coxco Lab".

This "upcycle art" spread through TV and SNS and received a great response, and people from all over the world participated in the project. As a result, we were able to convey the current situation of children living in poor areas in the Philippines to many people.

[What is the New York ADC Award]
Established in 1920, the Art Directors Club (ADC) recognizes commercial advertising and design based on the same criteria as works of art, and is the world's oldest advertising award.
ADC Awards official website URL:

[About the fashion school “coxco Lab”]
“coxco Lab” is a fashion school opened in February 2023 in Quezon City, Manila by the NPO “DEAR ME” in collaboration with “coxco”. In the first year, a total of 10 men and women between the ages of 16 and 23 will be accepted free of charge, and teachers from local vocational schools will give classes on design and sewing. In addition to technical education, we also provide classes on SDGs and sex education, aiming to develop human resources who can contribute to a sustainable society in the future by developing skills to grasp sociality and trends. The operation will be supported by coxco and NPO sponsor companies, and the students will sell goods through crowdfunding and operate it together with the students. In addition, "coxco" will support the operation of the fashion school "coxco Lab" by allocating part of the sales as a partner company, aiming to hire students after graduation.

[About project members]
Art Director |
Haruka Hashimoto
Instagram: @harukahashimoto_design

Project Organizer |
vitamin inc. (Hiromi Takamatsu/Daisuke Takanashi)
Instagram: @vitamin_quest

Brand | coxco

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