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Sweat items

inside story of "Start together from coxco"

Sweat items for adults

A sweatshirt that is soft to the touch and can be used in any situation. The tops are available in five colors, each with a different fabric. Although this sweatshirt is very casual, we made it to give it a moderately neat look.

Made from Turkish organic cotton

We selected high-quality organic cotton cultivated in the Izmir region of Turkey facing the Aegean Sea, observing strict standards for the use of pesticides and fertilizers. It is an ethical fabric that has just the right amount of flesh and is characterized by a gentle texture.

Sweat shorts that adults can wear beautifully.

Made from organic cotton from Türkiye, which is soft to the touch.

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[Limited quantity] Smoky Beige / Baby Pink

Made from high-quality leftover fabric that had been lying dormant in a sewing factory warehouse.

The overall silhouette and the width of the sleeves were carefully designed to give a relaxed feel while still being elegant and not too thick. The neck opening and curves are neat and tidy, giving the design a simple look. Another point is the tag on the back with the coxco concept "Start together from, coxco", which was drawn by a girl from the Philippines who is supported by an affiliated NPO.

KOHARU 160cm (wearing Gray SM)

AIRI 151cm (wearing Ivory Unisex S-M)

LOOK③Mariko 165cm(UnisexM-L)

"Put on a shirt for a casual look. The other outfit is really cool.
If you are reluctant to put your feet out, I think you should wear boots. Recommended for reducing exposure. "

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