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Colorless shirt (women's free)

material1. White

Vol.2 colorless shirt

*Please choose the color you want. (white ivory)
(* The photo is an ivory product)

An element of "+1" to a classic design.

The feature of the collarless shirt is the large pocket on the left chest.
Genderless, timeless wear. Buttons are made of white pearl oyster.
The natural brilliance of the white pearl oyster gives it a luxurious finish.

The silhouette has a slightly big silhouette and is not too stiff, giving it a modern look.

High-quality fabrics sleeping in warehouses are used for clothes.
The fabric used for the collarless shirt is a high-quality sample fabric made in Japan.
Even with the same model, different fabrics are used for each color, so the actual product may differ slightly from the photo.
Please enjoy these as unique characteristics of one-of-a-kind fabrics.

◾️Price : 20,900 yen (including tax ) *Shipping fee is 600 yen nationwide.
◾️size : Women's free
( Width 57/Shoulder width 51/Length 74.5/Sleeve length 56.5)
◾️color: 2 colors available (white/ivory)
◾️Country of origin/production background
Made in Japan.
The sewing is also particular about high quality, and it is produced at a domestic sewing factory.
The tags are also made from sample fabrics, and each time you wear them, you will be reminded that the clothes are made from the fabric that was left in the warehouse .
You can see the production process from the QR code on the tag.
*The image is of the dress, but the shirt also has the above tag.

We will ship within 3 business days after payment is completed.

The shipping fee will be 600 yen nationwide.

If the size of the ordered product does not fit, we accept size exchange.

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