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Standard One-piece【Linen Gray】


About the product
New release with new fabric from coxco's popular series "Standard One-piece".
A dramatic item that is decided by one piece. The point is the sharp silhouette that makes the body line look supple, and the exquisite color stitching for the bustier-like switching.
It is a piece that can be used in a wide range of situations, from everyday life to outings, all year round.

The metal fittings are also cute on both sides, so you can adjust the fit and make it comfortable to wear. It can be worn by people of various body types. The self-fabric string is removable.

42,900 yen (tax included)

[Product delivery]
After receiving your order, we will ship it within 2-3 business days.
The shipping fee is 600 yen nationwide.


Length 128/Bust 88/Hip 96.5
※ Wearing model height 161 cm
*Because the size can be adjusted with the adjuster on the shoulder strap, it can be worn by people over 150 cm tall.

Elasticity: None
Gloss: None Translucency: None Fabric Thickness: Slightly thick Wrinkles: Easy to wrinkle (because it is made of linen, it is easy to wrinkle, but after repeated washing, the fabric softens and the wrinkles become less noticeable.)


A dress material: Linen58%, cotton 42%
Lining: None

[How to care]
When washing, fold it and put it in a net, and use a weak water course such as "dry", "hand wash mode", and "home cleaning" mode.

[Charity] If you purchase one piece of this dress, part of the sales will also support the Philippine fashion school "coxco Lab" operated by the affiliated NPO DEAR ME. As for the support content, we can deliver a set of sewing sets to be used in class to one student of "coxco Lab". (equivalent to about 1,500 yen)

“coxco Lab” is a fashion school that opened in Manila, Philippines in February 2023. It is a technical education school where you can learn design and sewing for free. In the future, we will employ graduates under the brand “coxco” and aim to solve various social issues by creating a cycle between “coxco” and “coxco Lab”.

I want to make positive choices and challenges for the future through fashion with everyone.

Start together from, coxco.
From here, together.

We will ship within 3 business days after payment is completed.

The shipping fee will be 600 yen nationwide.

If the size of the ordered product does not fit, we accept size exchange.

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